High Desert Usenet

Unless we’re walking off one of our usual routes, there are particular bushes LB always insists on stopping and nosing around, sometimes for as long as a minute or more. He sniffs them at various places, never hurried, and usually ends by lifting his leg and giving each one a good sprinkle. I imagine these golden showers as additional comments – given his level of intellect probably something along the lines of “me too,” or “LOL.” For surely that little bit of stunted sage isn’t any different in itself than any of the thousand others he passes without notice, it has to be sprinkled with the urinary comments of other characters who (falsely) imagine themselves LB’s peers. Sort of news.scent.predator.

Of course given that LB doesn’t really believe he has any four-legged peers, his comment might be more along the lines of “Show up here this time tomorrow, and we’ll discuss it with teeth.”

Ghost has been with us all week, he’ll go back to Mama L this evening or tomorrow morning if things stay according to plan. The standard Ghost joke used to be that he walked five or ten miles for every linear mile of a walkie, but not so much anymore. Wow, he has gotten fat and old in the past year. Clearly there’s nothing wrong with him a younger chassis wouldn’t cure, his appetite has actually increased, he’s just twelve years old and settled into prosperous retirement which isn’t doing him any physical good. Now he stays in sight or even underfoot, occasionally wandering off to bother a nearby rabbit but never disappearing for ten or fifteen minutes the way he used to do constantly, only finding us again by following our scent trail. But his joints hurt him in the mornings, and it’s positively sad to watch him try and fail to climb into the Jeep he used to bound into effortlessly. A morning warm-up really seems to do him good – like me, he’s paying for youthful collision damage he shrugged off at the time but which never really healed.

And now, the reading chair being currently unoccupied by my big human ass, he’s doing what he does best lately…


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6 Responses to High Desert Usenet

  1. Matt says:

    Joel, check your email. If not there check your spam folder. Its from a yahoo account ( to make it easier for the .gov to spy on me ha.)

  2. deborah harvey says:

    just read to give dogs glucosamnie chondroitin supplements. for joint s.

  3. Zelda says:

    But it didn’t work for mine..took it for about a year. Hope it does better for dogs.

  4. Joel says:

    It can work well for dogs. I used it on two big old dogs from 2007 to 2009, and it had noticeable good effect. I’ve discussed giving it to Ghost with S&L.

  5. Mark Matis says:

    Also consider vetprofen:

    A friend has a 10 year old pit bull with arthritis issues. 66 pounds. Gives him 1/4 of a 100 mg tablet once each day. Seems to keep him active without pain. You’d need a prescription, but the cost isn’t that bad once you get the vet taken care of.

  6. Andrew says:

    You need to prod the gentle lady L not to feed the dog so much. My rottie is on 2 cups of food a day, along with some scraps and a bit of kibble once in a while. She weighs 115lbs.

    Getting the weight off of his frame would help a lot (well, lots of us out here need to do the same thing.)

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