How to make a short job into a long one.

Waited later than usual to go do my Monday shit-shoveling, because it was bloody cold. When I got there, H said she had tangled with a patch of goathead thorns while riding her cart, and would I mind replacing the tubes in both tires?

No, that’s not much of a job. I can swap out tubes really easy. But getting all those thorns out of the tires, now. That’s a job. Bet it took a hour to go over both tires with a pair of tweezers, so the new tubes wouldn’t go the way of the old ones. Those thorns are evil.

She’s got some solid tires coming.

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One Response to How to make a short job into a long one.

  1. I had never heard of Goathead thorns until I hooked up with my g/f, now my wife. She lived closer to Eastern Oregon near the high desert.
    For those not familiar with these evil little seed pods,they are viciously sharp and lay all over the ground.
    They will pop bike tires and basket balls with ease.
    I found out about them the hard way.
    I went outside to get in my truck at night, barefoot.
    I wound up with seventeen of the razor sharp little bastards stuck into the soles of my feet two steps into the gravel parking lot.

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