Huh. Wonder if it’s worth money?

As I’ve mentioned before, I like Larry Correia books. I came late to MHI mostly because the publisher is Baen, and I am not generally a Baen fan. But Larry Correia is pretty consistently good. So much so that when he announced a collaboration with John Ringo (another Baen writer, which made me reluctant to spend my money) I bent a personal rule and bought the first one. It was every bit as good as any MHI book, and in the fullness of time I ended up with the whole trilogy…

“In the fullness of time,” of course, meant years passed between installments. And somewhere along the line, it seemed I had completely lost the first one. This annoyed the hell out of me, because I liked it and since so much time passed between books I naturally had to start reading again from the beginning. Which meant I had to buy the first book twice.

It hardly seemed possible: It’s a small cabin and I take care of the books I like: There wasn’t anywhere it could have gone. And I hate spending money unnecessarily, so I tore the place apart looking for it. Never found it.

Until this morning. Straightening out a bookshelf, I found the missing book and the explanation for its “disappearance”…

The spine was mis-printed! I’ve never seen that happen before.

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11 Responses to Huh. Wonder if it’s worth money?

  1. Ben says:

    Rejoice in your small victory. The Lair gives up its secrets grudgingly, gradually, and unpredictability. The Lair is still in charge!

  2. Judy says:

    Murphy is just reminding you, he is watching and waiting for the chance to make things difficult.

  3. Bear says:

    Dunno, but I just posted a comment about to Larry, and tweeted a pic to both Larry and Ringo. I wonder how many of those managed to get sold before it was caught up.

    Dang, I’ve done several book covers, but never screwed up like that.

  4. Bear says:

    I just heard from Larry’s webmaster. Turns out a bunch of those made it into the wild, so they probably don’t have a whole lot of value right now. I’d stick it in a plastic bag and store it away for possible appreciation.

  5. Paul says:

    So, you’ve got some ‘good taste’ in reading! I too, like some of his stuff and will now have to read the whole shebang. In the meantime,

    Check the web site link and see what’s there of his that you don’t have. I’ve got some “Baen Bucks” on an account there and am willing to spend ’em on the paranoid recluse if there are some titles there that you want. Just let me know and we can figure it out – think “Christmas / late Paratus” gift.

  6. Winston Smith says:

    Baen screwed me out of $1.85 when I was a kid and basically laughed in my face when I asked them to correct their error. I have never forgotten and have spent PLENTY of time getting their books for free and getting the last laugh at

    (ignore the warning- its just there by google/norton and other corporate types that want your money)

  7. jefferson101 says:

    I had one with the misprinted spine. Note that I said “had”.

    I made the mistake of handing Monster Hunter International to my oldest Grandson a couple of years ago, and now the entire series has gone missing. I’m not expecting to see them again, but at least they went in a good cause.

    I’d already handed the boy all of the RAH Juveniles that I had in hand, and I needed to come up with something else to at least try and offset the education system brainwashing.

  8. Anonymous says:

    All joking aside, until you check, you’ll never know what you may be missing. A few years ago I was given an old book that had been part of an estate and nobody wanted. First, I found someone to do an appraisal to get the value. Then I found a store that specialized in old books and let them sell it for me. It turned out I was able to use the proceeds of the sale as a serous down payment on a new SUV back in 2018.

    If you are serious about finding out, you may want to start here.

  9. Matt says:

    I’m glad Larry is editing these books; Ringo’s gun stuff is good, but his hardcore Penthouse Forum rated sex scene in his own books are off-putting, to me at least. I’m not a prude, I just don’t mix my mil sci-fi and pr0n.

  10. Joel says:

    I’m not familiar with Ringo’s work aside from these three books. But Correia did mention in the introduction to the first one that sex scenes were an issue in the first draft. 🙂

  11. Paul Joat says:

    Discussion of John Ringo isn’t complete without this link

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