I can no longer live with the shame of this collusion…

…and so I hereby make the following full and public acknowledgement: On or about October 2016 I mumbled the word “Trump” while wishing for the failure of the Hillary Clinton campaign, in a room which contained a bottle of vodka.

I can see now that this was clear collusion on the part of Donald Trump with unnamed shadowy Russian apparatchiks, through the medium of my subconscious brain.

I eagerly await on-air interviews with CNN and NPR news reporters, for the customary considerations of Spam, AK ammunition and cheap bourbon. I also stand ready to cooperate fully with the Senate Intelligence Committee.

(I’m spending far too much time in the Jeep at high altitude, where radio reception is good enough to listen to NPR “news”readers gas on and on and on about the evils of the Trump administration. I think it’s beginning to get to me.)

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You shouldn't ask these questions of a paranoid recluse, you know.
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5 Responses to I can no longer live with the shame of this collusion…

  1. deborah harvey says:

    if i chance on the pbs ‘news’ i am stunned that they just lie barefaced! shouldn’t lies be told with some subtlety?
    i guess the regular viewers are swallowing all the crap hook, line, and sinker.
    how do they get by with blatant lying?
    even if the story is about fish in brazil, or timber in new zealand they somehow circle around to our peresident as being somehow responsible in a bad way for whatever the ‘reporters’ are driveling on about.
    president trump must be a mighty powerful man to be responsible for everything everywhere!

  2. Benjamin says:

    This winter I was laid up due to illness and spent way too much time listening to the radio. Living off-grid with no solar or anything limited my entertainment options. Once in a while NPR was more tolerable than the conservative channel, I typically changed to a rock station or turned the damn thing off after a few minutes either way.

  3. Kentucky says:

    The new smartphone is going to inundate you with all the political crap out there. Recommendation: only turn it on when you need to make a call. (Ha, fat chance)

    Oh, and hold out for the good bourbon. You deserve it.

  4. billf says:

    Isn’t collusion just another word for “people I agree with” ?
    I’m guilty of collusion on many matters.

  5. billf says:

    Oh , and I’m drinking Maker’s Mark right now,which is good bourbon.

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