I have nothing funny to say today.

I have reached the point in my current painful dilemma where 5:30 rolled around and only LB’s bladder problems got me out of bed at all. Somehow got my shoulder blade out of whack on Monday, it is now Friday and if anything it’s worse. My arm is weak and tingly, my back spasms every time the Jeep jounces, and I have accomplished next to nothing all week. I am a grouchy old man.

Today I am going to get something done on the porch railing, I swear it. Might not be a lot.

Here’s a video with an allegedly funny chicken.

Yeah, I know. But that’s as funny as chickens get. Don’t blame me, Youtube said it was funny. Far as I can tell it’s just standing there.

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4 Responses to I have nothing funny to say today.

  1. Kentucky says:

    If that was a chicken sneeze, makes ya wonder about a chicken fart.

    One assumes it might be messy.

  2. chiropractor.

    ours might tell you to ice the injury for 5 minutes every so often. i hate cold stuff. but he would definitely tell you to NOT use heat. it is already inflamed.
    as an aged person, i will tell you that every boo boo takes longer to heal the older you get, so avoiding strain and overwork will keep you going longer.

  3. Mike says:

    Joel your first stop for advice should be with a doctor to find out what’s wrong. It sounds like a muscle issue to me, but that is for a doc to determine.

    I went through something very similar a couple of years ago with my left arm. I couldn’t even use the pull start on my lawn mower without extreme agony. The arm was just all a tingle and I couldn’t raise it any higher than level with my shoulder and that hurt enough to almost make me cry.

    The doc pointed me to a physiotherapist and after a couple of visits, I could use the arm again. The physiotherapist also gave me a set of exercises to do which I still do, and that keeps the arms nimble enough. I suspect that this issue is tied into the shoulder injury you suffered and did nothing about. Remember when you turn sixty, like me, the warranty expires.

  4. M.Silvius says:

    A tingle like that in your arm is a pinched nerve at the C6-C7 level in your neck. Likely a herniated disk or a bone spur. Go get that looked immediately. Do not let it go, it will only get worse, and will become not only irritating but quite incapacitating. I had the same symptoms as yours the year before last, including the shoulder pain and tingling. Like the worse funny bone whack ever, and constant tennis elbow like cramp in my forearm. Got worse when I elevated my arm. After a lot of insurance mandated pussyfooting around with less invasive approaches, steroid injections and manipulation, the actual solution was called a posterior microdiscectomy foraminotomy. That’s a fancy name for drilling a half inch hole between said vertebra to delete a bone spur and allow access to cut out a bulged disk and freeing the pinched nerves. You will be three months out of commission anyhow.
    look at the video of the procedure here:

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