First steps toward “cute”

Cut the tops of the posts off even and attached the bottom parts of the railings, that’s prosaic enough. The posts will get top caps, which I already have, and the end one on the corner of the porch stays tall for a light and/or hummingbird feeder.

The top railings are where things get a little more fancy than joel-normal…

I borrowed Neighbor S’s table saw, and I’m using it and a sanding block to round off the tops of the 2X4s. I’ve tried it on a piece of scrap, and it works fine.

Once I’ve got those done, I’ll see if I can rip some shorter lengths of 2X4 for balusters. Turned posts would cost way too much since I’m gonna need like 25 of them. If I can rip straight pieces I can taper them top and bottom and sand them round on the front, but I’ll just screw them to the fronts of the top and bottom railings. Time-consuming but not complicated, and I’ve got time.

Unfortunately in cutting the corners off that first (longest) top railing I managed to ram a big splinter into the pad of my left index finger, of course breaking off the end inside. I had to come inside to cut it out – it looks like I’ve got it all but it sure doesn’t feel that way. Figures.

That’s why I prefer wearing gloves when dealing with old lumber, which is mostly the only kind I get. But gloves and power saws are bad medicine.

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2 Responses to First steps toward “cute”

  1. Ben says:

    It looks plenty “cute” to me.

  2. Andrew says:

    Ah, soak your mitt in hot (but not too hot) water with some dish soap in it. Do it for about 15 minutes. If there’s wood still in there, it will swell up so you can get the rest of it out.

    If it gets infected, do the same thing and break open the wound. The heat and soap will help draw out the infection and whatever else remains in there.

    Splinters suck. It’s Mother Nature getting even with us for killing her babies, or some other bullscat.

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