“I know how to do that, D.”

Two old guys on one old guy’s turf are going to rub each other the wrong way sometimes. Case in point, my OCD neighbor D instructing me on how to fill his truck with gas: “When you put the cap back on, remember you have to tighten it at least three clicks.”

“I used to teach the course, D. I even know why you need to do that.”

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You shouldn't ask these questions of a paranoid recluse, you know.
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6 Responses to “I know how to do that, D.”

  1. Ben says:

    Between his own medical challenges and those of his wife, D’s world is literally upside down. So he may need a substantial dose of “benefit of the doubt “. It’s good that he has a friend in Joel.

  2. Tree Mike, a really old guy (70 AND A HALF) says:

    He needs to feel relevant, you need to understand and just nod and smile, like you’re learning something new. A lesson I’m learning with my aging MIL and wife. Explaining or even just saying “I know. I’ve known that for 37 or 17 years.” is never received well, and usually gets into a defensive discussion/argument. Hang in there, this too will pass.

  3. Terrapod says:

    I have always found the head nod and “will do” as an answer takes care of 90% of any such comment, makes for good relations even if you think it is offensive, water off the duck’s back kinda thing.

  4. SoCoRuss says:

    OK I have to ask. why 3 clicks? On all the car gas caps I have seen it says “One” click

  5. Joel says:

    One click is fine, you’re just confirming that you’ve secured the seal.

  6. Cederq says:

    It’s an OCD thing with old guys… no, it is to make sure the first “click” took. It seats the o-ring or gasket on the fill tube.

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