I’m going back up the mesa…

…twice a day for five days. This won’t be the ordeal it was last time because numerous Jeep problems have been dealt with since then and it’s only five days. It gets old after a week or so, plus there are gasoline issues.

I do love the scenery, though…

At least I don’t have to climb the mesa on foot twice a day. If all goes well.

Given the temperature, I had to get up there fairly early this morning if only to break ice. We had a cold front come through yesterday afternoon and the wind was really something. Last night got cold, today’s not supposed to warm up much, and then tonight is supposed to be colder. Private to J&B:

As I work my way through a layer of 2X6 and 2X8 scrap lumber in the woodshed, needing to be split before it’s of any use in my little woodstove, I’m getting use from that spruce round you brought me all the way from Montana and thinking fond thoughts.

Also thinking of defense, since the mesa isn’t in the best neighborhood for dogs and it’s all the way across some fairly wild country. Thinking of our discussion a few days ago, I dug out a crossdraw/pancake holster kindly sent by a Generous Reader a few years ago…

I find it a little cumbersome for everyday wear but it does work better for under the coat. So that was a pretty good suggestion.

I know I’ve missed a day or two’s posting, but the weather’s been unsettled and my connection went all to shit. It’s not real bad this minute but still slow, it’s kind of an off-and-on winter thing. I have a bunch of elk pics I simply couldn’t upload yesterday or the day before.

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3 Responses to I’m going back up the mesa…

  1. Mike says:

    You’re right, the view is spectacular. Good to see you found a work-around for the carry issue.

  2. Ben says:

    I suppose that you have figured out where your cell tower is. Do you have a better signal on the Mesa?

  3. Joel says:

    Slightly, I suppose.

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