In my absence I have gotten a few things done…

The wood stove is ready to go…

I cleaned four dead birds out of that thing, in addition to the one Laddie killed and two I released and shooed out the open door. The stovepipe really needs a better weathercap.

But the stovepipe itself didn’t even need cleaning at all. Better wood, hotter fires, and it doesn’t pack up with soot and creosote. Just like a hundred people have said. Today’s a lot warmer than it has been since Sunday, but it’s supposed to go right back to being rainy and cold starting tomorrow so it’s only a matter of time before I break down and start lighting morning fires.

It might be a little while before I start wanting this…

…but it’s ready to go when I do.

I finally! Finally! Got the bypass regulator plumbed to the pipe and bottles. Pressurized it, climbed under the cabin and tested all the fittings for leaks…

…then laboriously bled the air out of the plumbing and got the pilot lit. We are officially ready for winter.

And this morning I started on a sad chore that has waited a long time…

Last weekend Landlady brought Little Bear’s grave marker up. The weather’s been lousy but today it warmed up enough that I felt like opening a tube of construction cement and gluing it to the pedestal I poured a month or more ago.

Tomorrow I’ll paint the pedestal white, then I have some smoothing to do on his grave and I’ll get it set. Just in time, too, because late this month or early next Boot Hill is going to get its iron fence and become an official family plot. Hopefully for a long time yet to be filled mostly with pets, only one human-type person.

Also this morning I packed the trailer’s hub bearings…

And so it’ll be ready to go when I pick up the wheels with the new tires on Monday. Already paid for!

Anyway – I’m still having email problems but the blog is officially back in business. Sorry about the lapse in posting.

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4 Responses to In my absence I have gotten a few things done…

  1. Mark Matis says:

    I realize it’s difficult without LB around, but at least Laddie is helping you remember how good you had it.

  2. Eric says:

    Tipping one to LB. RIP.

  3. Ben says:

    Wow, automatic gas switchover! The Lair takes another baby step into the 1900’s. Odds are, that will be several mornings this winter when you won’t have to wake up to a frigid bedroom.

    What will it be next?

  4. B says:

    Pay attention to the tanks though, the auto switchover just means you run out half as fast, but if you don’t check, it’ll still happen.

    And if I can make a suggestion: Place a block of wood in front of the gas line where it comes up out of the floor to enter the heater. They tend to get whacked and, eventually, crack. Best if you protect it with something. I learned the hard way.

    You (generally) can’t smell propane until it gets to near explosive levels.

    Ask me how I know…..

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