Is this is the sort of internal dialogue most retired guys indulge in?

Torso Boy and I didn’t roll out until after six, so I started the morning behind the curve and trying to catch up. Got halfway coffied up, then cooked breakfast for me and the boy which meant that halfway through straightening the place up and dressing he suddenly decided a walkie was non-negotiable.

We got back and I was making the bed, and in the background the phone was playing a video of these two faux-drunken gasbags going on about the Shazam movie. And there popped into my head a question – not for the first time, I believe, but the last would have been when I actually read comic books which would put it late teens or shamefaced early twenties – what kind of conversations would occur in a world up to its hips in superheroes?

(Superman lands with a crash): “Stand back, citizen! I’ve got this.”

Shazam: “Stop bumping my elbow. Don’t you have a city to wreck or something?”

(Superman angrily kicks a rock into orbit) “You wreck one city and nobody will let it go. Churchill bombed every city in Europe flat and he’s a hero.”

Shazam: “Those weren’t his cities.”

Yeah, I’d never make it in standup. I’m off to feed chickens and fill water bottles…

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You shouldn't ask these questions of a paranoid recluse, you know.
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4 Responses to Is this is the sort of internal dialogue most retired guys indulge in?

  1. Kentucky says:

    All I can add is that it was Gomer Pyle who taught us how to pronounce “Shazam!”


  2. Kentucky says:

    More like sha-ZAYam!


  3. Robert says:

    Joel: You might wanna reconsidering using a test audience of chickens. I think your Shazam character made a rather pithy observation.

    KY nailed it.

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