It begins…

There’s nothing to do but smile and pretend to love mud for a couple of days. So raise a Milk and yell,

But avoid ash deposits unless you enjoy sinking to your thighs.

Yesterday morning things went from slick ice to sucking quagmire with appalling speed. Neighbor D, a very conservative driver, was sideways in his big pickup for much of the trip home from town when driving on the frozen slush for the trip out wasn’t any big deal. My best hope is that the sun will stay out and we can get this over with in time for Landlady to come visit.

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4 Responses to It begins…

  1. LargeMarge says:

    I hope your site includes a reader visiting visits tabulation counter device.

    I read about you and your community after == only after == looking through some of the prep and anti this-and-that blogs. Your words help me remember to sit on the porch a spell so the dogs can stop by for an ear scratching.

    Some dsys, that is my highest aspiration.

  2. Joel says:

    Welcome! Hope you visit often.

  3. Mike says:

    Similar situation where I’m at. We had a serious “weather event” all day yesterday that started with several inches of snow being tossed around by 30 or 35 mph winds.Then later last evening it warmed up and the snow turned to freezing rain.

    You gotta know Joel, that the weather Gods are rubbing their hands together and smiling at the thought of Landlady’s visit this weekend. Hopefully the roads will coalesce into something drive-able before she ventures out.

  4. Jean says:

    I only have a couple miles of driving through goo pretending to be roads. The green truck is now brownish.

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