It’s a strange, strange world we live in…

Over at Straight Forward in a Crooked World, there’s a pretty good (by which I mean, plausibly sensible) write-up on what to do after that shooting you spent the past decade training for.

Because the sad truth is, once the bad guy hits the pavement your real dangers have just begun.

For the first responder it’s another day on the job (at best). And when they arrive maintaining the integrity of the crime scene is not as important as making sure any threat is dealt with. The honest cop will tell you that there are more than a couple of idiots on the force that they they have to contend with. The know-it-all, the over-eager, the unprofessional lazy tool, the anti-gun, anti self-defense jerk that the rest of them hate working with.

You may now be working with him as well.

Even at the shiniest time of your life Mr. Policeman is not your friend. But after you call 911 in the wake of a successful shooting, he’s your worst enemy. Say Nothing!


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