I’ve got an S&G song stuck in my head…

“Then I’m laying out my winter clothes and wishing…” What? That I was gone? Nah. I hate winter but not that much.

Just this minute got word from Big Brother that the hurricane missed them; I guess it didn’t officially make landfall until it was way north of them. So that’s something off my mind.

We’ve had a little bit of a cool snap (with nice bright sunny skies) so it’s time to sort out the winter clothes…

…a chore I don’t enjoy nearly as much as putting it all away in spring. But it’s good to know it’s in good shape even if I’m not quite ready to drag out the heavy bedding yet.

Also Landlady is coming up tonight after a 5-week absence, so there are some delayed care packages to anticipate. Hopefully including a new Official TUAK Camera. You’d laugh at the contortions I have to go through to use this one.

I’m interested to know what difference, if any, this new flooring will have on the Lair’s heat-holding ability. Certainly hasn’t had any good effect yet. The cold floor seems to suck the warm out of the room. Plus it’s slippery. I may actually end up with rugs, and won’t they be fun to keep halfway clean…

Bedroom slippers. Fuzzy camo-pattern bedroom slippers, yeah, with sticky bottoms you never wear outdoors…

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7 Responses to I’ve got an S&G song stuck in my head…

  1. Ben says:

    Or at least some of those sticky-bottomed anti-fall socks they give out in hospitals?

  2. M Ryan says:

    Glad your bro made it through OK. Looks like it ain’t over just yet.


    Just got an email from a friend out west in Regina where that woke up with a blanket of snow on the ground. Winter is coming.

  3. Mark Matis says:

    Mebbe you could knit you some rugs out of LB and Ghost hair? With some chicken-feather decorations tacked in for good measure?

  4. Judy says:

    Good to hear your brother did okay.

    Mark, I like that idea. Grin!

    Yup, no-slip slippers are the answer. When I made slippers one year for Christmas, I bought a pot of paint-on rubberized rug backing. Worked great and as a bonus it made the soles last longer.

  5. ZtZ says:

    Insulation under the floor, plastic vapor barrier stapled in place over it and held on with lath strips, and wind proof skirting for the Lair should help your floors stay a bit warmer, especially when the wind blows. And it will keep out the rats. You know they will be back, and there are millions of them out in the desert marching toward the Lair to eat and poop in your food and destroy various parts of the Jeep. Insulate and caulk. But in summer LB will adore you for providing a nice cool floor for him. Tile in my experience is always cold and it sucks the heat out of the air.

  6. feralfae says:

    Someone in the area may make those wonderful braided rugs that last forever and lend themselves well to being hung over railings and being beaten occasionally. Maybe a could small enough to manage easily, but big enough to be insulation for the floor. And you could put them in storage for summers.

    I’m also sorting seasonal stuff. Just got out the heavy winter down comforter, the snow boots. Packing away summer things. Winter is only a week or two away here. The snow line is moving down lower and lower on the mountains.

  7. Kentucky says:

    Yes, one of the unfortunate truths about the “thermal mass” thing is that it must first be heated up to do any good. This means that the tile must “soak up” heat from the room air . . . and it will. Rugs are an excellent idea to separate your tender tootsies from the comparatively cool tiles.

    The comments about heavy under-floor insulation are right on in an effort to keep the tile’s heat from radiating into the much colder outside air. Remember . . . in that case you are not keeping the cold out, you are keeping the warm in.

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