Jeep trailer tie-down storage, two years on

Helped D&L load garbage in their pickup for a dump run*, and while waiting around it occurred to me it’s been two years since I put this ammo can on the Jeep trailer for tie-down storage. I should probably do a follow-up post.

Short version, it works fine. You just need three bolts and enough washers to let you tilt the top of the can slightly away from the wall you’re bolting it to, so that the lip of the cover can pass between the wall and the side of the can. This has been drenched in slime and rain and mud but the tie-downs and gloves and whatever else you want to haul stay perfectly dry and secure. Checked the nuts a few times to make sure they weren’t vibrating loose but eventually stopped worrying about it. I don’t recall who originally suggested it, but this is a very useful hack.

*and full disclosure, I was completely wrong about needing to do all the work. D is really coming along.

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6 Responses to Jeep trailer tie-down storage, two years on

  1. Anonymous says:

    Really good to hear that D is doing well.

  2. Mike says:

    It’s good to know that D is coming along.

    So far as the ammo box goes, I’m glad that it’s working out well. The ammo box I mounted to my trailer sits on the driver’s side of the front wall. To get the top of the box to clear the rail, I used bolts and some 1/4 inch cut pieces of copper pipe I had lying around as spacers.

  3. Ben says:

    That’s great news!

  4. terrapod says:

    Hi Joel – thanks for the report on your neighbor improving fast, this is always good news.

    Also, thanks for the details on the ammo box for the trailer, just mail ordered one for mine. It will hold the jack and assorted tie downs. Sadly all the local vendors only have the smaller ones, so Ebay it had to be.

    Lastly, any item you “need” in a care package?

    I am motivated to send you one seeing I picked a brand spanking external door latch for your jeep (driver side) at auction for a few cents. Also got some other goodies but that one was for grins (no Jeep) and I figured you could always use a spare on hand. Pot metal always corrodes and breaks at inopportune times.

    Think tools, or electronics as I am swimming in both while the great garage/basement/barn cleanout continues here..Funny thing, we are enjoying the second of 3 days predicted above 90 which for this part of September is very rare in Michigan. The downside is the 99% humidity, get to sweat just standing in the garage with all doors open.

  5. Joel says:

    I can always use wire, cable, electrical parts, etc. Tools are always welcome. And if you happen to come upon a pair of driver door *hinges* for that Jeep…

  6. terrapod says:


To the stake with the heretic!