Somebody’s feeling left out…

Lovely cool morning – I got up and it was 55o outside; inside was mid-sixties. Woke up only one time in the night, and that was to fight Torso Boy for the blanket. So naturally it was walkie time for Uncle Joel. Nothing big and strenuous, just a pleasant half hour’s overland to and from the chicken house.

Got back and somebody was all butt hurt at being left home. Fortunately the first real chore of the day involved the Jeep…

It’s quite a change in his behavior, that he’s becoming a nuisance about being taken along.

He can’t come later this morning, though, because D&L want a dump run. Neighbor D has his physical therapy this morning, so we’ll need to have their truck loaded with months worth of unburnable trash before about 9:30. And by way of payment for [it’s usually assistance, this time I expect I’ll basically be doing it all] I bring along a can with what little garbage I’ve accumulated since the recent dump run I made with Landlady. But it’s all good; I’ll never live long enough to pay off all the obs they’ve laid on me but it’s fun to try.

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2 Responses to Somebody’s feeling left out…

  1. Ben says:

    My guess is that he is finally feeling secure with you and Lair,at the same time that he is forgetting the trauma of being torn away from his home and mistress.

    For a while there, (viewed from the dog’s perspective) not much good came from car rides, Each one resulted in him ending up living in some new and scary place.

  2. Joel says:

    For a while there, (viewed from the dog’s perspective) not much good came from car rides

    Yeah, that’s kind of what I figure. It’s like a townie dog who only gets put in the car to go to the vet – not going to be very excited about being led to the car.

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