LB stamp of approval

For obvious reasons, LB has problems with the heat. But he’s also unhappy being outdoors by himself – he stopped wanting to go outside the very day Ghost moved away – and so for the past couple of years his idea of a good day is napping indoors.

Summer late afternoons and evenings it’s much cooler outdoors than in, though frankly most summers I don’t care to sit outdoors either because of all the flying bugs. But it’s so dry the bugs aren’t a problem and the new porch is high enough to be in the breeze, so I’ve spent the last three evenings till after dark reading on the porch. Yesterday I invited LB to join me.

He was dubious at first. He has gotten to that age where he likes what he’s used to, and he wasn’t at all sure he approved of this new-fangled contraption. At one point I went inside to get something and he immediately got up and wanted indoors.

But I came back out and sat back down, and he lightened up and enjoyed his evening.

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10 Responses to LB stamp of approval

  1. Kentucky says:

    Bugs, huh? I can see it now . . . in addition to “cute” the porch will eventually become “screened-in”.


  2. Joel says:

    Sigh – yeah, the thought has occurred to me. That would be after the roof, of course…

  3. Ben says:

    “the porch will eventually become “screened-in”….’ And then the “porch” gradually morphs into a “room”, which will create the requirement for a new porch..which will be found to need a roof…and then screening…

    Well, you get the idea. 😉

    Actually, if done the old fashioned way with wood framing, staples and slats, screening needn’t be terribly expensive. The biggest PITA would be the screen door.

  4. Zelda says:

    Then as the porch becomes screened in you can start growing vegetables in containers. Then the porch will need to be larger. Eventually the larger porch becomes a sunroom/greenhouse and you can add some miniature fruit trees and berry bushes to the vegetables….and all your neighbors will want one too. Amazing how the Lair has morphed into a very very comfortable hermit home in the desert and what a treat to watch what you’ve done.

  5. Mike says:

    Very nice Joel and I’m glad to see LB taking advantage as well. About the bugs, you don’t say what kind they are so I’ll make a stab in the dark about dealing with them. You could try a citronella candle to help keep the bugs away. Also a flower pot at each end of the deck with herbs like mint, garlic, rosemary, lemongrass, and chives will help to ward off biting insects. The advantage to this is you can ad the herbs to your cooking.

  6. Mark Matis says:

    Why a “screen door”, Ben? Why not just a regular exterior door on a Florida room? To show the owner’s individuality. I mean, that would be somewhat easier than joining a “1 percenter” biker gang to make the same statement…

  7. Kentucky says:

    . . . much to the amusement of the biker gang.


  8. Mark Matis says:

    By the way, if you DO make a “Florida room” for your porch, make sure you put something at doggie eye level across all the screening so that LB understands there is no path to freedom through the screen. Especially if his eyesight degrades as he ages…

  9. John says:

    Flying bugs – want a bug zapper!
    (I know this because they flock to them.)
    And there is a certain gratification in the; zap, zap zap zap, zzzzaaap, zap…

  10. Joel says:

    Little Bear hasn’t done it in years – I haven’t offered him the temptation in years – but he used to consider screened doors and windows absolutely no obstacle. If I ever do a screen door it’ll definitely have some of that extruded aluminum stuff on the lower half.

    He last sailed through the Jeep window three years ago. I’d have sworn it was sufficiently closed, he left hair on the window and the frame. He was motivated by the desire to join Ghost in beating the hell out of the dog of a guy I was trying to make nice with. The meeting didn’t end well after that.

    (gasp) A solar-powered bug zapper! I want three! Oh, I’m totally putting one of those in my shopping cart right now while I’m thinking about it.

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