Little Bear was such a good boy for the whole trip…

He was cheerful and friendly with Dharma, didn’t whine even when he was uncomfortable at sleeping in a strange place, went along with the program without being a drama queen, but when he got back to the Lair…

He ran straight to his bed. He wanted his treat, he wanted his food, he wanted his leather bone. I’ve been bustling around lighting fires, brewing tea, unpacking stuff, trying to get some heat in the place…

…and we blew out of here pretty abruptly last Saturday so I barely had any wood in the box, let alone a fire laid and ready to light. LB didn’t care. He never even looked up. He was home.

And so am I, I suppose. The cabin was cold and dark and every horizontal surface is still covered with books and DVDs from that amazing care package a week ago, stuff I didn’t even have time to find space for, but the water isn’t frozen and the power works and nobody broke in and ripped me off, so I guess it’s a win. I was falling asleep in Landlady’s car, so though I still have to drag the suitcase up to the loft with the laundry rope I guess I’ll probably put off unpacking clothes till tomorrow. It’s pretty heavy; I brought some stuff to the city just so I could wash it.

Speaking of care packages…

Check out Uncle Joel’s cool new chore coat! Genuine Carhartt, I’ll have you know. I was preening in Landlady’s headlights with it this evening, and she made cracks about the ‘Redneck’s Cartier.’ The story of just how that happened got a little involved and I’m tired right now. Maybe mañana. I’m going to bed, if the mice have left me one.


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5 Responses to Little Bear was such a good boy for the whole trip…

  1. M Ryan says:

    Good to see you home and that home is still in one piece. The coat’s nice BTW. Time to get rested and then get on with life.

  2. billf says:

    There’s no place like home!
    Dorothy was right.

  3. Tennessee Budd says:

    Congrats on a successful return, Joel! I’ve done a lot if onsite work for 13 years now, here a week, gone a week, rinse, lather, repeat. It’s always good to come home. Even knowing the postponed duties to be done, it still lightens the heart.
    Doing most of the week in Charlotte, & then done. Job duties changing, & I can stay home from here on out. As I got older, the travel part of the job lost some of its allure. From here on out, I can travel on my time, & work stays in the same place!

  4. Kentucky says:

    LB appears to be wearing a strap/belt around his “waist”.



  5. Joel says:

    Oh, that’s just his leash. He wasn’t interested in standing up long enough for me to take it off his collar.

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