Looks like I got an extension on the chickens thing…

The weather forecasters have been howling all week about what a rotten weekend this is going to be, and the foreshadowings have indeed been, er, foreboding. (Heh. Try making your own silly sentences, kids! It’s fun and easy!) Anyway, Landlady decided that coming up for her scheduled weekend really didn’t make a lot of sense if it only meant enjoying the first blast of winter. Can’t really argue with that.

So the ladies are staying with me, probably for another two weeks, and I’m not sorry in a very “I like fresh eggs” kinda way. It did raise the problem, however, that I’m now officially out of chicken feed and don’t know when I’ll be getting into town next during business hours. Could be weeks. So I prevailed on my neighbor H, who seems to spend a lot of time at the feed store and was going there today, to pick me up a bag.

I know there’s feed for layers, and I know there’s something called “scratch.” I don’t know the difference or why you’d want both, but I know I wanted feed and that these chickens are layers. So…”Here’s $20, please pick me up a sack of feed for layers.” She cheerfully agreed.

Then I just now got a phone call from her. “They’ve got layer pellets and layer crumbles. Which do you want?”

What am I supposed to do, ask the chickens? How should I know? And why is there variety anyway? It’s not like I care how happy they are with their cuisine, as long as they stay healthy and keep pushing out those lovely little ovoids.

“Pellets and crumbles.” Sheesh.

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2 Responses to Looks like I got an extension on the chickens thing…

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    Depends some on what sort of feeder you have. What kind was the feed you’ve been using? It should say on the bag. There are three forms of layer feed: “mash,” crumbles and pellets. Chickens will eat any of them, but tend to waste less if it is in the proper feeder. Ask landlady what she gets, if you can, or talk to the folks at the feed store. Mash is usually cheapest, but tends to be wasted the most if I remember correctly.

    “Scratch” is just cracked grains, and is fine if the hens get other things like insects for more complete protein. If bought feed is all they get, this wouldn’t be enough.

    Decisions, decisions… life is so complicated these days!! :)

  2. Landldady says:

    Layer crumbles, since that’s what they eat now and they would have no clue what to do with pellets. They’re pretty dumb — until a month or so ago, they were frightened of moths.

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