Lost my last nylon strap, gained a whole bunch of allthread!

Nylon strapping is useful. When I first set up the chicken yard outside the cabin, I needed some top cover against sun and raptors. First thing that came to mind was this big cargo parachute that T had dragged home from somewhere. It lasted a couple of years before UV and wind had reduced it to rags, and before I consigned it to the burn barrel I cut off the shrouds – which hadn’t deteriorated at all.

I mostly use them as tie-downs for the propane bottles, each of which has a permanent one. The rest gradually got used up here and there – I had one left in the Jeep’s gearbag but it went to an honorable death this morning.
Quite some time ago I promised Landlady I’d haul off this pile of junk that had accumulated on her plaza. There’s some useful stuff there – she had wanted to haul that conduit to the county dump a year ago and I resisted, because piece by piece I use that – but it doesn’t need to be right there where she has to look at it all the time. I have a space I use for a woodlot and it’s never going to look like anything but a junkpile so I may as well store the useful weatherproof junk there as anywhere, right?

So I hitched up the trailer when I went to Landlady’s for morning chicken chores, but figured I’d start with something physically easier but probably harder in practice first.

A long time ago, T scrounged seven lengths of heavy 20′ well pipe. I don’t know if he had anything specific in mind for it, or maybe that was before everybody learned that you can’t use iron pipe with our well water. Anyway it was in the barn for a long time and then it was in the yard for a long time. Not long ago I hauled two pieces to Boot Hill for Landlady to use as layout guides but the other five still lay where we left them years ago. Landlady had shot many “take them away” rays at me over that time, and they seemed a logical place to start the project.

So I took that piece of old strapping out of the gear bag, tied three pieces of pipe to the Jeep, and off we went.

Can’t say we got real far.

Maybe three at a time was a little ambitious, but I couldn’t see making five separate trips. Maybe three trips would have been better. I finally got the pipe where I wanted it, but…

Well, let’s just say that was the last trip of the last unassigned piece of parachute shroud in my possession.

I still had two lengths of pipe to move, so I cast around for a replacement…

Shortly before Little Bear got too sick to want to go for walkies he’d worn out his latest leash. He used to come near breaking about one of these a year, whenever he forgot himself around a calf – there really was a reason I needed to leash him. It’s nothing special, just 12 feet of cheap hardware store rope, which I guess is why he could part the core with a couple of good lunges. He was big and strong, but with a little warning I could hold him so he wasn’t Godzilla.

Anyway, I used the new leash to tie him in his shroud, so it’s gone. But I had this old piece of rope hanging around the Lair’s junk pile, and I figured since it wasn’t likely to survive any better than the strapping had it was better to sacrifice an old rope than a new one.

I’d learned my lesson about dragging the rope on the ground, but it still parted once under the strain…

…and that’s when I made a most profitable discovery!

Accidentally or on purpose, somebody had stored three 10′ lengths of allthread in two different sizes inside one of those junk pipes! Can’t even remember how many times I wished I had some allthread around here! Now I must score some nuts and washers and then I’ll stop being out of stuff for bolting stuff together, geez, more or less forever!

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2 Responses to Lost my last nylon strap, gained a whole bunch of allthread!

  1. Ben says:

    Great score. Allthread can be immensely useful

  2. Bill T says:

    Puts new meaning into hard work is its own reward. Good find.

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