Lots of weather. Winter returns, dammit.

So yesterday we were promised low fifties temps and damaging wind. We got low fifties temp and damaging wind, even down in the hollow…

Afternoon saw me out with my brush saw, clearing a big piece of the juniper grove off the porch. That was in addition to the usual chasing-all-the-trashcans entertainment. I went to Landlady’s in the morning before the wind got bad at the Lair, and even then the wind on the ridgetops was becoming quite unpleasant. There’s talk of 70 mph gusts, which is excessive even for the gulch. Glad I screwed the powershed roof back down. I’ll bundle up later and look for damage.

But the nighttime weather, also predicted, may make finding the damage more difficult than I’d like…

Not a lot of snow, I’ll admit. Little Bear effortlessly melted a patch as his first official act of the day. But this is only the second snow of any real accumulation all winter so far, and I’ve grown accustomed to more civilized behavior in my winter. I may be forced to vote to have it expelled from the club.

That’s not my real complaint, though. My real complaint is the final part of the prophecy of doom…

…which says that winter has returned in the form of extended cold – if not exactly apocalyptic, then not really seasonable for late February. I paid my fare in broken pipes in December, thank you very much – not to mention just replacing the lion’s share of my sewer pipe due to breakage probably related to temperature back at the same time.

On the other hand it is winter and I’m not an idiot. The cabin is snug, the woodbox is was full, and yesterday afternoon I swapped propane bottles on the bedroom’s space heater (pbui). So it can go ahead and be cold if it wants to – not like I get a vote. It’s just not what we better sort of folks have come to expect from our weather, is all I’m saying.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mother Nature snickers at your petty desires . . .

  2. Kentucky says:

    Just a post to fix my “screen name” because I seem to be showing up as “Anonymous”.

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