Made a new thing for the gamecam…

I’m getting interesting results from having relocated the gamecam to the wide bend in the wash, but the target stands is a lousy location for obvious reasons of the incoming fire variety. Particularly since I’m hoping to sight in a rifle later today. So I made a thing.

Last month sometime I sent away for this camera-mounting gadget made to screw into trees, which gives me options that don’t limit me to tying the camera to things with a web belt. Time I used it – I fixed it to an old 4X4 that I mounted upright at the bend of the wash well away from bullet splash, and now I can hope for the benefit without the disadvantages of the location.

Nothing much of any interest going on last night…

…though I wonder where this little guy thinks he’s going. Probably going to try his luck pushing down the metallic target stand, just to get an early start on being a dick to Uncle Joel.

I’m thinking maybe I should preemptively brace that stand like I did the other one. It didn’t take very long…

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3 Responses to Made a new thing for the gamecam…

  1. doubletrouble says:

    Wow! Is that a haunted cow or something? He just appears, then disappears!

  2. Joel says:

    I’ve never been entirely clear on exactly what will or won’t trigger the camera. It follows some things from one side of the frame to the other, and of other things I just get a snapshot or two.

  3. Ben says:

    Yes, I think the bracing would be a good idea.

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