The scout scope rides again…

Four years ago Bayou Renaissance Man gifted me a scout scope, to compensate for my post-surgery eyesight which is better than ever at long range and utterly gone at short. I bummed a WASR belonging to Ian that had one of those Ultimax rails where the upper handguard is supposed to be…

Might not have been the world’s ugliest gun, but it was probably the funniest-looking one in the neighborhood, and a little muzzle-heavy. Worked, though. Hunted out some feral dogs with that rig.

Then two years ago Ian bought a Kobra red dot that would only fit on the WASR’s receiver…

…and I used that for a year, but then Ian – who’s trying to run a business – needed the rig back. I went back to the World’s Ugliest Gun, the Official Long Gun of TUAK since I sold the M1A, whose iron sights I still couldn’t really see. So I bought a cheap red dot and a rail that replaces the rear sight, and came up with something really bizarre-looking…

…and it hasn’t worked for me very well. I swapped out the buttstock from the Formerly Pink AK, but – well, I really don’t have anything specific against that red dot but it wasn’t getting it done for me.

So I thought, well, the WUG still has that little piece of rail, and I have that Leupold scout scope…

And I think maybe that’s going to do me better. I’ll wear it a while and see.

One of the things I like about beater AKs is that I’m not afraid to tinker with them. 🙂 Maybe that’s how people with bank accounts think about their ARs.

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One Response to The scout scope rides again…

  1. Mike says:

    The AK kinda looks like something out of Star Wars. Meh… who cares how it looks, so long as it works and the bullets hit where you want them to.

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