Milestones are for celebrating…

…and this morning the bedroom in Landlady’s Meadow House had the floor and walls finished to an officially sufficient degree that we could bring the boxes down from the barn and assemble the permanent bed!

And that’s all the packaging, to be disposed of in Joel’s burn barrel.

We convinced the local EPA officials that we’re all cannibals, so they don’t come around to bother us about all the burning. Er…best not to ask how we convinced them of that.

In other news, I made an excellent pork stew yesterday after baking…

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4 Responses to Milestones are for celebrating…

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    Burn barrels. Yep, good things. Unfortunately, I’m collecting quite a pile of stuff inside because my barrels are full of SNOW. 🙂 And the drift in front of them is also discouraging. Supposed to warm up considerably here the next few days. Might be able to get this trash outside anyway. Sure wish I had a little trailer like that!

  2. M Ryan says:

    Like ML said, burn barrels are wonderful when there isn’t 2 or 3 feet of snow. During the spring/summer/fall my barrel is in use regularly. From getting rid of yard waste to making charcoal for the BBQ they’re great.

  3. John of the GMA says:

    Mmmm, long pig…

  4. Ben says:

    Or forget the fire barrel and burn that cardboard indoors where the heat will do you some good. Of course, then you would apparently have extra ash to dig out of your stove.

    It might not make the best fuel, but what great prepper practice it would be! Surely there will be plenty of Amazon boxes in the zombie apocalypse

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