More power!

Extra TUAK life points if you know what this is…

Seriously, we’ll see. But it can’t possibly hurt – Landlady has one of these at her cabin, which is also not line of sight to any cell tower, and the difference is night and day. Ian’s place is literally a Faraday cage, but with his booster plugged in my phone works better inside his place than it usually does inside mine. So while I don’t think my signal strength will rival most of yours at any time, maybe it’ll make those “no service” hours a little farther between.

I already have it strung out and plugged in and things are working well. But sometimes things actually do work well, so that doesn’t prove anything. In the morning I’m mounting the outside antenna to the exterior wall. Stay tuned.

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4 Responses to More power!

  1. Robert says:

    Looking forward to a progress report.

    I get “no service” and “network not available” irritatingly often. OTOH, it’s my excuse for not knowing someone wants me to take some lazy bum’s work shift for them. Why, yes, I DO have a bad attitude. Stupid thing dropped yesterday while I was actually volunteering to help an unfortunate. Trying to be a good guy shouldn’t be so, um, trying.

  2. DOuglas2/Unknown says:

    I’ve one of those that I got cheap secondhand, and with the bar display on the phone I can’t tell if it is doing anything or not. I’d live to know how (without an appropriate RF meter or spectrum analyzer to hand) to check that the thing is actually “boosting” anything or if perhaps I got a DOA one.

    I don’t want to expend lots of effort wiring an antenna high-up outdoors with proper grounding if I’m just plugging it into a brick.

  3. Terrapod says:

    That is a great gift Joel. Same as with the earlier failed experiment, gotta put the antenna portion as high up as you can get and then oriented for best signal from the cell tower. Hope it works gangbusters, having poor signal is a PITA.

  4. Ben says:

    “so that doesn’t prove anything.”

    Exactly! The real test (and likely the best time for fine tuning) will be on a “bad” day.

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