Booster Installation Complete!

I would never say (out loud) something stupid like “problem solved.” I will say that things on the connection front are very snappy at present, and the iPhone displays an unheard-of three bars.

Installing a signal booster is as simple as screwing some coax into some boxes and plugging it in; easily within my technical capabilities. There’s just one little complication…

That’s the part of the job that took by far the most time and skull sweat. I really hate roofs – but at least as roofs go, the bedroom addition is so dead simple even I can do it.

Pro-tip: When you’re alone in the desert, ladders are not your friend. I personally know a guy whose desert hermit career was abruptly ended by a ladder that slid out from under him for absolutely no good reason except Murphy’s a malicious little bastard. Therefore:

Handle. Lag bolts. 1/2″ nylon rope. Just saying. The only thing better than confidence is a good basis for confidence. And if it looks stupid but works, it’s not stupid. I must add in honesty that while the handle was my idea, it didn’t immediately occur to me that tying the ladder to the handle was a good idea. That came from a reader a few years ago.


My objective on the roof turned out about as difficult as I feared: Screwing the outside antenna to the wall was simplicity itself, given the convenient bracket provided. But I wanted it as high and outside as possible without contacting the 2X6s of the corner frame. In that last caveat, I f… no, let me rephrase. Success treacherously eluded me.

So I had to go up the loft and do something a bit … not found in the construction tradebooks.

The alternative was drilling a second 1/2″ hole in my exterior wall, and I’d have gone further than I did to avoid that.

And in the end…

A little sweaty routing of coax, made easy by that convenient loft railing, nailing of a few strategic insulated staples, a bit of screwing together and plugging in, and we’re done! And early results show an improvement I’m tempted to call massive. Thanks, BB and friends!

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3 Responses to Booster Installation Complete!

  1. Mike says:

    Nice Joe, very nice indeed. As for the ladder tie-off points, if it thwarts Murphy, it’s a good thing.

  2. Ben says:

    (knocking FIRMLY on wood)

    So far, this project seems like a complete anticlimax, and that’s very encouraging!

  3. Joel says:

    It really has brought an abrupt improvement. My connection isn’t “sitting on a patio in Beverly Hills” fast but it’s no longer “down in a hollow 15 miles from the nearest cell tower” slow.

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