“New Age Rules for the Third World…”

Big Brother and wife are taking an ocean cruise, “spending [their offspring’s] inheritance just as industriously as possible.”

Yesterday I got an email from somewhere in South America…

So here is the first lesson I have learned: When you see a shady corner that seems to contain several locals who are all staring at their little screens, then you have found FREE Internet! That Internet will be faster and more reliable than the system on the cruise ship (which costs 75 cents/minute!)

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2 Responses to “New Age Rules for the Third World…”

  1. coloradohermit says:

    “75 cents/minute” gives new meaning to piracy on the high seas!

  2. MJR says:

    I hope your big brother and his wife have a great time. Cruising is a lot of fun with the only issue being an increase in the waistline from all the food options. He was spot on regarding locals and internet access, I’ve found looking for locals using internet to be true when traveling in Europe as well. I never, ever go online with the tablet unless it’s at free hot spot because the cost for internet is very nasty if you don’t have a local account. As for the cell phone it’s cheaper to leave it at home and pick up a burner phone at the airport even with the cost of the phone.

    The next time you email your older bro him tell him they should have done a river cruse. They cost more up front but you don’t get nickel and dime to death at every turn. For example WiFi is usually included and it’s unlimited.

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