Paging Al Gore…

I found your earth tones.

Yeah. Joel’s wardrobe is monotonous. I tried to explain to a neighbor one time that all the olive drab isn’t a put-on, I’ve never been in the army, it just really is my favorite color.

I looked at that stack of clean laundry, though, and remembered old days when I’d get a fit of paranoia and it might seem like a good idea of an evening to go out and sleep in the bushes with a rifle pointed more-or-less at my own front door. Just in case. I was a little nuts about certain things when I first moved to the desert.

I got over that – mostly – but I still maintain that it’s never a bad idea to be able to blend in and fade away. Out here camouflage actually is camouflage, and not a redneck fashion statement. :)

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You shouldn't ask these questions of a paranoid recluse, you know.
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3 Responses to Paging Al Gore…

  1. MJR says:

    Joel there’s nothing wrong with your fashion sense, it just says you are who you are. The paranoia thing is also understandable, when I first moved to the boonies 16 years ago I had a Sig p226 in a hidden space under the bed that was easy to get to at night. I figured since it was just about as fast to get a pizza delivered out here as it was to get cops to show up I needed something. Well the Sig has been replaced with a 12G shotgun in a closet because the risk of encountering a bear is a higher probability then a home invasion. I will not say there’s zero crime out here but it’s pretty rare.

  2. MamaLiberty says:

    My favorite colors are OD green, khaki, gray and various shades of brown. Always have been. I never cared for the white uniforms, and wouldn’t ‘t be caught dead in most of the neon colors even older folks wear these days.

    As for paranoia, there isn’t any real crime out here either, but I have at least one gun in every room in the house, even the bathroom when I’m in there. :) Never staked out my house from the bushes that way, but I do have motion detectors out there with alarms inside. Most of the time when it rings it’s dust off the road or deer passing through, but I always look just in case.

    No bears here, MJR, but we do have a resident mountain lion and a pack of coyotes now and then. And when I’m in bed, my XD 9mm rests in a special kydex holster attached to the bed frame. Between the alarm and the dog, I’d even have plenty of time to pull down the 20G Mossy from the wall rack. I’m pretty well set.

  3. Howard says:

    Since we have had brown bears on the porch and have had two out buildings broken into by bears over the years I keep the .44 mag in reach by the bed as well as the .44 carbine and the .44 marlin handy to the other door and don’t feel a bit paranoid. Any local crazy people are much lower on the threat horizon but well covered anyway.
    I tend to wear blue Carhartt logger jeans but mostly earth tones beside that.

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