Nobody ever really reads the candidate’s book…

Here’s a breathless piece on the ‘sluggish sales’ of Hillary’s much-hyped book. The suits at Simon & Schuster seem genuinely shocked that all the Clinton fangirls in the republic didn’t rush out to buy it in hardcover. Genuinely shocked, as in they printed a million of the damn things and now they’re stuck with them.

WTF? The candidates always write books. Or – okay, they put their names on the covers of books, having hired somebody else to write them. The publisher, who signs the contract more as a campaign contribution than out of any belief in some pent-up proletarian passion to hear what Candidate X’s closely-censored ghost writer has to say, prints a few for book stores – when there were such – to stick in their window and several cases for the convention, and otherwise just writes the whole thing off. After all, how many books can a remainder bin hold? Nobody’s going to actually buy them. You don’t print a million copies. Yet it sez here that’s what S&S did.

What difference, at this point, does it make? I don't give a damn, I got my face in the news.

What difference, at this point, does it make? I don’t give a damn, I got my face in the news.

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5 Responses to Nobody ever really reads the candidate’s book…

  1. Bear says:

    They do expect the loyalists to rush out and buy candidates’ books. That’s part of the way around campaign donation caps. It’s expected. Reading the garbage? That’s another matter. Usually the only people seriously reading them are the opposition looking for incriminating quotes and corroboration of known but previously unproved dirt.

    So knowing that these books were supposed to “sell”, it’s refreshing to see lamestream muddia verification of ust how unpopular the Wicked Witch is.

    (And if they initially shipped a million copies, that means they have more still warehoused. I”d feel sorry for S&S, but both those s’s could easily stand for “Socialist”.)

  2. Bear says:

    (Added: Heh. If you’ve read Smith & Zelman’s Hope, the same thing was done with Lib candidate Hope’s Looking Forward, and characters even mentioned they wouldn’t actually be reading it. [grin])

  3. Bear says:

    Reviews: Hillary as a ping pong ball… priceless. But I think the most amusing thing about the Amazon page is the contrast between the “pro” suck-up reviews from the lefty NYT, WaPo, and LATimes vs. the reader reviews. [grin]

  4. Ken Hagler says:

    The big publishing companies are all located in New York, and full of the kind of people who actually _like_ Hillary Clinton. Such people are also famously self-absorbed and insular (remember the old line about “nobody I know voted for Nixon?”), so it’s not surprising that they would make what, to anyone _not_ in the publishing industry, is an incredibly obvious mistake.

    Of course, these are also the same people who are desperately trying to pretend that they haven’t been made irrelevant by ebooks and the Internet, so at least they won’t be around making such foolish mistakes for much longer.

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