Remember that joke the other day about congress getting those IRS emails from NSA?

GOP begins hunts for lost Lerner emails

Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) is trying to enlist the National Security Agency in the hunt for missing emails to and from the IRS’s Lois Lerner.

In a letter to NSA Director Michael Rogers on Friday, Stockman requested that the NSA turn over information it has about emails between Lerner and outside groups between January 2009 and April 2011.

Riiiight. I predict prompt and courteous refusal.

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3 Responses to Remember that joke the other day about congress getting those IRS emails from NSA?

  1. Allen says:

    “That would be a violation of privacy!”

  2. MamaLiberty says:

    Considering what they do and get away with in plain sight, I’m a little curious about just what could be so serious in these emails. They don’t seem to have any problem with murder and “detention” of us mundanes, so what’s the big deal about some text talking about tax persecution of unfavored outfits. Who, besides those organizations, will really care all that much anyway?

    Just came to me… probably all a diversion from other stuff, and maybe election year pretense that they care.

    NSA probably has them, but the real joke may be that nobody can find them there either.

  3. expat says:

    I try hard not to be cynical, really I do but…………….
    My take in this is it’s a classic diversion. Of course those e mails are out there. The government system may be setup to get rid of embarrassing stuff but perhaps not really if it has to be found (by thosethechs who deleted them in the first place.)
    The Republicans will beat their chests and thump their podiums demanding, demanding dammit those e mails be produced and low and behold eventually they will be. Nothing too bad in them of course. Maybe a little bit to get Lois and a couple of low levels indicted. If there’s a conviction and the inevitable appeal donors will cover the attorney fees and Obama will give the eventual pardon before he leaves.
    Meanwhile whatever other, like you know, important shit has been going on (like a dead economy or invasion by Dreamers or Islam rampant, or DHS pointing guns at people and cavity searches for travelers) will be little noticed by the MSM.
    In my lifetime the phrase ” Land of the Free” has gone the same way as “Solid as a Dollar”, “Middle Class Dream” and “Justice for All”
    Damn now I need a drink.

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