“Oh, for god’s sake!”

This morning’s main task was shortening what used to be the Fortress of Attitude into Li’l Gitmo.

…you may recall that was the morning’s main task day before yesterday, too. And it will be Sunday’s morning main task. Tomorrow and Saturday are booked. Because, of course, complications.

I had sort of forgotten that of course I had taken steps to ensure that the gate post stayed upright and level in the ground. Substantial steps.

And I’d forgotten, in sort-of thinking through today’s chore, that those substantial steps didn’t stop being a good idea just because they were inconvenient. I wasn’t going to be stretching fence today, because first I had to expend my last sack of concrete to re-set that gate post at the corner of Li’l Gitmo.

Okay. I shrugged and went to get my shovel, and then…

“Oh, for god’s sake!”

That’s not the exact worst place the cabin’s gray water drainpipe could go. Two inches to the left would have been much worse. But it was still pretty damned inconvenient.

But once I got the hole dug, things went more smoothly.

I inherited that big hammer three years ago, when J&H moved away. I would never have spent money on a big sledgehammer I use maybe once a year. In fact this is the third time I recall taking it out of the powershed: Once to break up an old toilet that was county dump-bound and twice to re-use gateposts that had been cemented into the ground. Seldom useful, but when you need it nothing else will do.

finishedAnd now I have zero sacks of concrete in reserve. 🙁

Also I worked a lot harder than planned, to accomplish a lot less than planned. But it needed to be done, even though I had forgotten that it did.

Maybe this afternoon when it cools off I’ll work on the top cover.

I need to pull off the rotted camo fabric from this net, cut away the most damaged half of the net and then repair the other half for re-use. It’ll go over the coop dog house at the rear of the kennel, between the new camo/shade net and the tin shed. Not certain it’s necessary, but it can do no harm.

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4 Responses to “Oh, for god’s sake!”

  1. terrapod says:

    Beginning to smell like “The Ultimate Answer to Corgis” now 😉

  2. Zelda says:

    If Laddie the Intolerant has a Corgi personality it will still be The Fortress of Attitude.

  3. Mark Matis says:

    Ah, but Laddie is not merely “Intolerant”, Zelda. He is instead Highly Intolerant!

  4. Anon says:

    Not sure a Corgi, with those little legs, can be highly anything. Widely certainly lol.

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