Oh, here we go…

I went out for a nice long walky this morning – the weather was perfect for it, no wind or rain, temp just cold enough to freeze the mud. No direct sun which isn’t so great for the batteries but at least you’re not overheating in your coat.

Happened to go close to the cliff overlooking the South Wash and what to my wondering eyes should appear but…

Cattle. Damn it. Not a lot of cattle, but where you see a few there are probably lots someplace close. Like shitting all over my yard right this minute.

They spooked a bit when they finally spotted me – oh, a freezer full of steak would have been so easy – and more came into view. In total six of them headed south away from me.

I texted D&L about them, since the presence of cattle means they have to be extra vigilant about keeping their gates closed. L texted me a little later, saying she had called the rancher to confirm that he was running cattle here now and he said he didn’t know anything about it. So it’s possible these six are the result of a fence break closer to town. I suppose. Maybe these six are just breeders who know this area and gravitated back to it? But it would be a long way for them to stray just for a few mouthfuls of bad grass.

Damn it! Just when the deer and elk had come back…

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One Response to Oh, here we go…

  1. Mike says:

    Time to start carrying that spear on your walks again.

To the stake with the heretic!