That’s just rude: Rabbit desecrates LB’s grave

Somehow not entirely unfitting under the circumstances.

Several of the graves on Boot Hill have decorative rocks that may serve some accidental protective function. I never got around to doing that with LB’s grave, and this morning I found reason to regret that…

Big hole! My first thought, of course, was scavengers and that both bothered and perplexed me; it’s fairly recent, and there can’t be anything left more than six feet down to attract a scavenger. Then I took a closer look…

The hole goes down less than 2 feet, then hangs a right. It’s a rabbit warren.

Which, given Little Bear’s favorite food during his life, is somehow entirely … well, the word karma comes to mind.

I’m still going to fill it in and line the grave with stones. ‘Cause don’t do that to my favorite dog’s grave.

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8 Responses to That’s just rude: Rabbit desecrates LB’s grave

  1. Mike says:

    Damn, I’m sorry to learn this. LB was one of the good ones.

  2. Based on your footprint in the 2nd pic – it looks like the hole is >8″ in diameter. Holes that size around here often belong to a badger- fwiw.

    To be clearer… sometimes badgers dig holes to live in – sometimes they’re just after prey. I’m not saying there’s a badger living in the hole – only that it might have been made by a badger.

  3. Joel says:

    I concede that it is rather large for a rabbit hole.

  4. Mark Matis says:

    So stick your hand down in it and pull out whatever is at the bottom!

    We need some entertainment!


  5. bill says:

    What Mark Matis said!

  6. Timbotoo says:

    That’s amongst the reasons that I want to be cremated.

  7. John says:

    Result is sort of the same. The timeline can vary some though…

  8. Timbotoo says:

    I agree, no logic but I’d still rather go up the flue.

To the stake with the heretic!