Oh, I hate to spend money…

…but I love topping off my bottles. So today, having settled the pressing matter of how much it would cost to get the Jeep out of hock, I topped off propane and Jeep fuel and bourbon as well as drinking water. 🙂

Also dropped $65 bux on that sixth propane bottle I’ve been holding off on, which – when it arrives next week – will give me two bottles for every station. Four for the bedroom, two for the kitchen. And then I’ll feel more secure about cooking and heating gas. Technically the bedroom heater is still classed as a dispensable luxury, but it’s a “luxury” it took me no time at all to grow sinfully used to. Sure is nice not to dread throwing back the blankets in the morning.

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4 Responses to Oh, I hate to spend money…

  1. Kentucky says:

    Ol’ Henry is good company, isn’t he?


  2. Are yo uso far off the beaten path that you cant have one of those big propane tanks at the house that the guys come out and fillup once a year?

  3. Joel says:

    😀 Oh, yeah. Nobody would ever agree to drive one of those trucks here. You’d never get it back out.

    Anyway those contracts cost a lot more than I could ever cough up. Buying that much propane at one time… I can’t imagine taking on the entanglement or ever having the money at the right time. So it’s just as well it’s physically impossible.

    I could get #100 bottles, but I’m not strong enough to move them around safely.

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