Oh, man, that shoulder is singing soprano today…

I overdid it with the spading fork day before yesterday. Didn’t hurt at all at the time, but I sure didn’t sleep well last night. (What is it with torn rotator cuffs, that they mostly bother you when you’re horizontal?

Also, just because Uncle Murphy is a sadistic prick, my nonexistent left foot has chosen last night and this morning to cause me excruciating pain from time to time at unpredictable intervals. So I’m going to mostly spend today pacing furiously, shouting at the ceiling and making LB very uncomfortable. Yup. That’s the plan for today.

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2 Responses to Oh, man, that shoulder is singing soprano today…

  1. Judy says:

    Change in the direction of gravity and pressure on the joint.

    Do you have a hot water bottle? (I was thinking heating pad but you would have dead batteries in no time.) Or some type of muscle rub? I tore-up the tendons in my fore-arms, so after doing something that strains them I rub them down and use heat, the next day is a lot less painful. Yes, I know, they recommend ice but I find it aggravates the old injuries.

  2. Rose says:

    Joel, I just had rotator cuff repair 6 weeks ago. Still have at least 6 more weeks of recovery, therapy. I have been told, and I know , that keeping the head of the bed elevated helps before and after surgery. Gravity is your rotator cuffs best friend. Elevation of the shoulder, ie, head of bed elevated, gives the cuff more room to move and thus less pain. Good luck

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