The closest I’ve come to a winter holster…

Every winter for the past few years I’ve fiddled with a holster on a separate belt, for wearing over my coat. This year, with the help of a belt gifted by longtime reader MJR, I finally sort of got it right.

Still hate the holster, but it turns out I don’t really use it much anyway.

The holster is, um, “vintage,” and might actually be worth a buck on ebay. It’s a Bucheimer, which I never heard of, apparently made in 1962 for 4″ medium frame .38s. Holsters have improved since 1962, from the evidence. Landlady’s late husband T picked it up somewhere, or I assume he did – it was in with some gun junk he used to store in his powershed and happens to fit the Tracker fairly well. But it’s so tight in the pocket and floppy on the belt it’s more-or-less impossible to draw with one hand. That might have something to do with my carrying a .44 in a holster made for a .38. Or not, I dunno. I’m actually thinking of drilling it for a leg lanyard, but probably won’t.

“Probably won’t” because in truth I don’t use it that often. The gun goes on my belt when my pants go on my ass, and short of doing this total ordnance swap every time I put a coat on or off, which would be annoying and/or rather silly, it turns out that in practice I just wear the gun under the coat most of the time.

So the belt and empty holster spend the winter hanging from the wall, then head out to the powershed in spring with the rest of the winter gear.

Guess I’m just not all that tactical anymore.

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  1. anonymous says:

    My Uncle had my Aunt sew a ‘gun sock’ sleeve for his S&W fixed sight revolver and pinned it in his M65 jacket pocket when he ran cattle at his ranch. Handle poked out above top of pocket, the rest of gun resided in pocket – worked great for him.

    Adjustable sights may cause some issues with snagging I’m guessing.

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