Oh yeah! I remember anxiety…

No news yet on Neighbor D. I just got back from town with L for the Monday morning water run, she’s pacing and fuming even when sitting in a driver’s seat but still needs drinking water and they don’t keep 2 weeks’ reserve like a paranoid hermit I know so we had to make the trip even if she didn’t want to.

D got airlifted to a hospital in the Big City last night, and since then nothing good has happened. Also nothing terribly bad. They couldn’t download his – let’s see if I remember this – CRI with background something – and so wanted to shoot some more pictures before doing the stent(?) procedure. Then he got assigned a neurologist who wanted to treat him with blood thinners first instead of a cardiologist who’d just dive in and roto-rooter that artery like L thought was right, she spent most of the time yelling at people on her telephone which I’m pretty sure wasn’t helping but what do I know…

See, there are two kinds of people when it comes to medical emergencies. There’s the kind who jumps right in and wants what she wants and will not shut up until she gets it. Then there’s the kind who waits quietly for the asshole doctors to get their heads out of their collective ass even if quietly fuming and waiting to die – and I’m afraid I’m that second kind. I hate confrontation, and arguments from authority tend to shut me up even though I also hate arbitrary authority. So when I’m in the shotgun seat listening to L building up the steam to blow an L-shaped hole in the truck’s roof I’m picking up on her anxiety and getting more and more anxious myself even though I realize I should be the calm supporting neighbor. By the time we were headed home she was getting positively nauseous and I was taking deep calming breaths myself.

And that’s how I spent my morning.

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2 Responses to Oh yeah! I remember anxiety…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Man I hate western medicine .

  2. Robert says:

    Joel: Slow, even, deep breaths. Sorry for the drama you’re being thrust into. Blood thinners or not depends on what got plugged/broke and when it happened and the duration of the condition. Docs get the bucks so we commoners don’t hafta know those things.

    Anon@3:50: Western medicine beats the hell out of most anything else. Yes, scrapings from the spearpoint of your vanquished foe may help heal your spearpoint wound but it ain’t using his warrior mojo, it’s antibiotic metal.

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