Okay, guys. You win.

It goes against my nature and training to spend any more money on the porch’s temporary floor, but I do have to concede that certain readers are right about one thing…

Monsoon Is Coming.

And while I do hope to replace the plywood with a proper 2X6 floor next year, there would be no meals missed if I spent $20 on a gallon of water sealer in the meantime.

So I spent $20 on a gallon of water sealer for the porch’s temporary plywood floor. I’ll roll on the first coat this evening at last light, before I move indoors for the night.

A couple of people hit the tip jar recently, plus one of those care packages of water bottles came complete with an envelope of green paper, and that gave me the opportunity to stock up on some commodities. I do go through a lot of dollar store peanut butter and jelly here at the Secret Lair, and having moved the pantry into the Lair’s loft last October I did something dumb: I moved all the jars from the kitchen cabinet to the loft. And so I lost count of how much I was using, and this past week something unthinkable happened: I ran right out of strawberry jam, and damned near out of peanut butter!!!!!!!

I’ve never done that before.

So anyway, I hit the dollar store this morning during the regular Monday water run, and have begun the expensive process of stocking back up. Also they had some of the good flour, so I scored #25 of that. I’m nowhere near out of flour but I do go through it pretty steadily since I bake all my own bread.

Also refilled a glaucoma med, and renewed vital but precarious stocks of ammo and bourbon.

So that’s where your money goes, and much grass (yeah, I wish) muchas gracias!

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6 Responses to Okay, guys. You win.

  1. Eric says:

    What’s this a box of .223? Are you still babysitting that AR? 😉

  2. Joel says:

    Don’t want it to get lonely, do you? You know how destructive assault rifles can be when they feel abandoned. Chew up a couch, shoot up a school, it’s all the same to a distraught dog or weapon.

  3. Jac says:

    “Much grass”? Just what kind of glaucoma meds are you on? 🙂

  4. Kentucky says:

    Hey, Henry McKenna . . . dat’s good stuff. Me like!


  5. Joel says:

    My current favorite poison – and coincidentally almost the cheapest bourbon available locally.

  6. Kentucky says:

    There are so many good bourbons that are considerably under-rated and priced accordingly. I’ll buy a “better” one on occasion, but Henry is just plain GOOD without a two-page, lifted-pinky review. My favorite mixer is ice, but straight up is the true test. Cheers, good fellow!

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