Okay, I guess that’s why wider reserves are good.

I took those two empty propane bottles to town this morning. It was the principal reason I wanted to go at all; I dragged around all the early morning whining to myself about how I really didn’t want to go to town.

There’s only one place in town that reliably sells propane and is also open on Saturday.

Guess who’s out of propane.

So now I have to go back to town on Monday morning to do it again. I did stop at the hardware and order two more propane bottles, and I’ll admit that at the time I was feeling kind of extravagant for doing so. Now, not so much.

Yes, I have enough propane to last till Monday.

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4 Responses to Okay, I guess that’s why wider reserves are good.

  1. So how exactly does heating yur place work? I get the impression theres a woodstove, and then there’s a propane heater for the bedroom…is that right? If thats the case, is the woodstove not putting out enough heat to keep the bedroom warm? Also, I was curious – do yo keep a secondaty (or tertiatry, I suppose) heating source around like a kerosene space heater or some similar item for these sorts of situations?

  2. Joel says:

    Well, the Lair was originally one room with a loft and was heated (badly at first) with a wood stove. Then I tacked on a bedroom addition and in hindsight there was something elementary I could have done to move heat from the stove through the wall and that would have heated the bedroom more efficiently and saved on propane. But I didn’t, and heat from the main room will warm the bedroom somewhat given time but it’s pretty slow. So the bedroom’s nice vented wall heater gets used more than would otherwise have been necessary. Not complaining, the whole thing is wildly more comfortable than it used to be. But hindsight would be so much more useful if it were foresight.

    Normally the bedroom heater really is a dispensable luxury, though it sure does make sleeping more comfortable. But during real cold snaps it achieves a status more like electricity or indoor plumbing: I wouldn’t die without them, but after an extended time it starts to feel like I’m just surviving, not living.

    I do have a tertiary backup Mr. Heater, but it doesn’t get used. Hope it still works.

  3. Robert says:

    Glad you’re well-stocked.

    Ran into a similar situation with a non-essential food item I really, really wanted to replenish.
    Nope- store outta that particular item in that brand.
    No problem. I have a second choice.
    Nope. Don’t carry that brand any more.
    12,000 items in the store and I can’t have what I want. Sigh.
    “Hey” to Cmmdr Z, BTW.

  4. Zelda says:

    And that’s why more and more of my grocery shopping is done on Amazon. The number and variety of things I’ve bought for years that are no longer available at my local grocery stores seriously limits my local shopping. Where I live the grocery stores have gradually been bought up by just a few large corporations which also own the warehouses from which the stores are stocked, so everyone has the same items. Whoever is deciding what to put in the warehouses doesn’t consult me. Maybe it’s different in large cities but where I live the no longer available grocery list gets longer and longer.

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