Paint it green

Today’s supposed to be a little cooler and a lot windier. Excellent incentive to hit the Lair-painting early, because you don’t want to be painting in the wind. When it actually dawned a bit cloudy, that was perfect because the next task was the east wall, and the east wall heats up fast when the sun’s out.

The first couple of times I painted the east wall were real trials of my ability to overcome acrophobia for the cause. Then last year I got smart and just bought a really long telescoping roller pole, and the problem went away. This coat took less than an hour and a half, and a ladder was only involved on the corners.

It went so well I hit the south wall and just kept going.

The bulk of the south wall is Hardie Board, which didn’t even really need paint except for where I plugged the bolt holes where the satellite dish used to be. Things got more complex and slowed right down when I hit the addition, and of course the new downspout. Then the roller went away and the wall brush came out. And when I was done with that, I used up the last of the paint in the tray painting in the deep grooves of the new (thick!) paneling on the west wall.

A really good morning! Started before seven and knocked off right around ten, when the sun came out and the wind started to rise.

Still haven’t decided what to do about the back door. Of course I still have to put up trim there, and that’ll get painted the same color as all the other trim. But the door itself? Probably the same color – maybe an ironic rat sign or something.

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