What LB Likes

“Little Bear, wanna go for a walky?” No reaction.

“Little Bear!” Much louder. He looks up. “We’re going for a walky.” He gives me the side-eye, like he just learned he’s going to the vet to have his claws removed.

“And a Jeep ride.” He leaps to his feet and trots to the leash hook.

So we went outside where he had a pee, then walked maybe twenty yards from the cabin where he suddenly squatted, took a copious dump … and then turned 180o and trotted in a determined fashion to the Jeep, and I could follow if I wished. Done with walky now.

LB likes his Jeep rides.

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One Response to What LB Likes

  1. taminator013 says:

    Another dog called LB in this story from China. You will be able to call your pup Little Bear in Mandarin after reading it………….


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