Proof that Uncle Joel isn’t superstitious…

On this date:

…I broke out a power saw.

Landlady told me last month she wanted to do a big (probably multiple) dump run this coming weekend. I remembered that, and have slowly made various preps for it over the past 3 weeks. But this morning while hauling firewood to her house I was forcibly reminded of something Dr. Freud had caused me to completely forget…

There’s been this big folding picnic table rotting beside her barn for over a decade, which we couldn’t get rid of because it was just too honkin’ heavy and I couldn’t figure out how to separate its two main surfaces. I promised LL I’d cut it apart with my big new Sawzall so we could get it into the Jeep trailer … and then forgot all about it. And this was the very last day I could make good the promise before the dump run, so it’s a good thing I remembered.

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2 Responses to Proof that Uncle Joel isn’t superstitious…

  1. Terrapod says:

    Oh gosh! What I see there are piles of target support frames, why on earth are you dumping the metal bits?

  2. Robert says:

    Joel, your lack of superstition used up my good luck; I tried to pet an apparently-friendly itinerant black cat. Luckily, I had recently read Aesop’s blog post on wound care. Sigh.

    I’m glad the only pieces that got sawed weren’t presumably attached to you.

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