QoD: “It’s just a reality show now” edition

Once you’ve formally announced to the public that their decisions simply do not matter, and that a niche subculture of the country gets to exercise an extra-constitutional veto on any decision they don’t approve of — once you’ve made it plain that America is a government with a nation, not a nation with a government — what exactly is it that binds the people to a government that cannot in any way be described as “their” government?

The way this is developing it won’t end with peasants storming the Bastille but simply slinking off to do their own thing, with a single-finger salute to the government their fathers were willing to die for.

I’m the only one I know, but I can’t believe I’m the only one. At some point it simply becomes too expensive for a self-respecting person to be a citizen anymore. Of wealth, of credulity, of patience – you simply run out. What are you supposed to do then? Lay down and die? Screw that.

Our would-be masters forget, I think, that we’re only medieval peasants while we agree to believe that we are. There is no estate system, there’s only “us” and “them,” and “they” are becoming annoying. We’re not held to the land by anything but our own preferences and habits. We’re not afraid of excommunication and hell. There are no city gates we have to talk or bribe our way through – so far. Conservatives will rue the day they got suckered into shouting for border walls, but even then there’ll be all those drug-runner tunnels. If the government ever actually scrapes up the mojo to build that wall, we will live to see the day the tunnels are used for all sorts of things.

We can get up and leave occupied territory any time we want to. Greater numbers will remember that at the point where it becomes worth the price of leaving. At the point where it has been made too taxing to stay.

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3 Responses to QoD: “It’s just a reality show now” edition

  1. jabrwok says:

    That’s nice and all, but leave for where? Everywhere else is *worse* as far as I can tell.

  2. Joel says:

    It’s not really necessary to leave the country. And a lot of expats don’t agree that everywhere else is worse, though I certainly agree with you that it depends on your particular thing. Everybody’s notion of what comprises freedom is a bit different from everybody else’s. Hell, I’d probably be in Canada right now if I could thrive in the cold. More socialism but less police state.

  3. MJR says:

    As Augustus once said “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” This is truer now than it ever has been everywhere.

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