QoD – “Welcome to Bureaucratistan” Edition

From Rich Hailey, via Bayou Renaissance Man:

Left or right, it doesn’t matter; they say the same things. Obama says he’s going to create jobs; Romney says he’s going to create more jobs, and do it cheaper than Obama. Neither candidate believes that job creation is not a function of the federal government. They both believe that for every problem, there is a governmental solution.

Because nobody gets to vote for the director of the EPA. Or OSHA, or DoI, or DHS, or…

I liked this from the comments:

…the upcoming election is a contest between the black Goldman Sachs representative and the white one. Re-electing the oligarchy is the only option.

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3 Responses to QoD – “Welcome to Bureaucratistan” Edition

  1. Matt says:

    One might vote for the “benevolent” ruler, but the person is still determined to be the ruler.

  2. MamaLiberty says:

    Ah, but those are not the only options. Choose neither of them. Ignore both of them. Teach your neighbor to ignore all of it. The more of us who ignore all this, the better.

    I refuse to “vote” for anyone, much less a “leader” for the EPA, etc. None of them have any legitimate authority or reason to exist at all.

  3. kevin says:

    That’s ridiculous. Obama will create jobs by hiring .gov workers and subsidized Solyndra. Mittens will do it by cutting taxes. Is ANYONE paying attention? And why is this comment form so screwy? Maybe just me and my paranoid HOSTS file…

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