Random gulchy moments

So yesterday after it warmed up a bit I went back to Ian’s for round 2 of the new game, Plug That Hole. And I think it went well…

I’m gonna go back pretty quick to take the board away and see if it actually did go well. Next I have to figure out how to fill the very last part without making too much of a mess of it.

Tobie was an extremely good boy.

He sometimes gets into laying in the sun, which he doesn’t actually get a lot of chances to do since I don’t trust him at all. And of course at some point out of the blue he’ll remind me why it’s probably best to continue not trusting him until he grows up some more. But yesterday while I was working he did get very interested in the sound of a deceptively loud engine in the distance…

That red speck (sorry, phone camera doesn’t do distances well) is Neighbor S’s ancient Bobcat loader on another very slow trip to the wash for a load of sand. He always has building projects going on, and lately for some reason at least one of his projects has required a lot of sand. Later track evidence suggests he was back and forth half the afternoon.

Speaking of cameras and the wash, Tobie and I were out for our long morning walkie down the wash before the sun broke over the ridges. And on the way back there was something I’ve seen a few times before…

The sun changes angle at different times of the year, of course, and it just touched those eroded bits as we were coming back in a way that made me wish I’d thought to bring my new-to-me real camera. And that, in turn, reminded me that there are rumors of a serious care package dump coming soon, which might include more photographic gear, like a tripod. I want to come out here a little earlier in the day and try my hand at a real Wannabe Ansel Adams shot of that spot at that time. Pretty sure I don’t understand the equipment well enough yet to do much more than get it in better focus, but what the hell. It’s a pretty spot for about five minutes on a sunny late October morning.

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5 Responses to Random gulchy moments

  1. Steve Walton says:

    On that hole in the wall, if you use mortar instead of concrete mix it will just stick without running out, and you won’t need a form of any kind. You can build a vertical wall with mortar without using any forms at all. And it will stick to a ceiling.

    It stiffens very quickly, though, so you have to work fast.

  2. Joel says:

    Yeah, I’m thinking along the same lines.

  3. George says:

    For the hole, you can drypack it with the concrete mix, add just enough water that it holds together, and pack it in there with a rod.

  4. Mark Matis says:

    So Tobie’s new chew toys will arrive soon, eh?

  5. Joel says:

    In just a couple of days, yeah.

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