Remember when “the media” still claimed oracle-like objectivity?

Way back when it was only “the press,” I’m told, objectivity was neither claimed nor sought. Newspapers tended to be reliably in the tank for one party or another and said so. That’s an old tradition in this country.

But “broadcast journalists” claimed, in general, to be made of more saintly stuff. I’m old enough to be faintly embarrassed at the things we let Walter Cronkite get away with in the name of ‘the objective media.’ Mostly he was saying things most of us wanted to hear, so we chose to believe it wasn’t just propaganda.

They never were and never shall be anything but shills. And I suppose we should at least give them credit for finally dropping the mask. Here’s a precious thing I saw this morning, while waiting for the first cup to brew. In regard to an election for an empty Georgia congressional seat about which I otherwise care not at all…

Can you guess which politician lost?

Can you guess which politician lost?

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4 Responses to Remember when “the media” still claimed oracle-like objectivity?

  1. Kentucky says:

    Gee . . . ya think maybe they were all certain their Democratic candidate had it sewed up, maybe??


  2. RH says:

    Californians thought they could simply buy the election for one of their transplants who didn’t even live in the district.

  3. MJR says:

    “oracle-like objectivity” hasn’t been a media thing for a long, long time. As long as there have been individuals to report the news these individuals have had opinions and have used their platform to spread them. It has gotten worse again these last few decades as the news industry moved from reporting the news to entertainment in order to increase market share and bring in the bucks to pay the meat puppets their multi million dollar salaries. All this has done is made it harder to wade through the bullshit to get to the real news.

  4. Ben says:

    Most outlets rarely actually”manufacture” news. What they actually do is slant reality in favour of their own viewpoint, and fail to report news that is adverse to their viewpoint. The cure for that is to get your news from diverse sources, something that’s pretty easy to do on the web.

    Our present President would have us believe that the media is inherently “crooked”, the subtext to that notion is that He alone is the only font of the Truth. But the long list of whoppers he has tried to foist off on us puts paid to that notion.

    So if I must choose between the media and the administration, I will happily take the media, but not any single outlet.

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