Requiem for an old shirt…

Went out early while it was cool and definitely not going to rain in the next few minutes to finish painting cabin trim. This job sort of went on hold until my back had healed a little more. The back pain still has its moments but it’s not the crippling problem it was a couple of weeks ago. Anyway I got all the Lair’s brown bits – and all the bits that were originally supposed to be brown but I didn’t get around to it the first time – the same reddish-brown color…

…and everything was going fine until I started work on the underside of the addition’s roof overhang…

…which was supposed to be simple and easy. Just roll a coat of paint on some plywood, right? What could go wrong?

Technically nothing did go wrong. My back started complaining about halfway through, but so what? What did get my blasphemous curses flowing was when the giant dollops of paint started raining down on me. It’ll wash off me, that’s nothing new, but did it have to ruin a favorite old shirt?

Funny thing, I would never have called it a “favorite” shirt before I stood there and started mourning over it. Geiger Counter Guy gave it to me maybe seven years ago and I was always embarrassed to be seen in it. I don’t do slogan t-shirts in general, I’ve never been in favor of eagles or fleur-de-lis as logos for various reasons, and I certainly am not in need of a sign out front proclaiming me “brave and free” – that’s just demeaning, you either are or you aren’t and a sign won’t change anything.

It basically pressed all my “I don’t like this shirt” buttons right from the start but it fit really well. So I wore it for work when nobody would be around, which of course is nearly always. And when it started to fall apart, as I often do I snipped off the sleeves and relegated it to hot weather and sticky jobs that might ruin a newer shirt but had no plans to make gun rags of it in the very near future.

But I guess it comes to all favorite t-shirts in the fullness of time.

The trim’s not done done, of course. One front window never got its trim complete because one of the 1X3s purchased for the job took an amazing warp as soon as I got it home, and of course finishing the rear door is a completely separate project. But we’re getting there.

I’m also happy to report that putting the job off a couple of weeks allowed those baby birds to grow up and fly away. So no wildlife was harmed in the painting of this cabin. 🙂

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6 Responses to Requiem for an old shirt…

  1. Claire says:

    Goof-Off and elbow grease — if you think saving that old shirt is worth the effort.

  2. Joel says:

    Yeah, it’s really not. It pops a new hole every time I wash it. Just seemed like an ignominious way to go out is all.

  3. Judy says:

    Requiem for an old shirt – I prefer Micheal Haydn’s. This version in particular:

  4. Judy says:

    Whoa – didn’t know that was going to happen. Sorry Joel, I was just trying to post a link to the video.

  5. Anonymous says:

    daughter has a couple of shirts just for painting.
    wash it and save it for next time.

  6. Zelda says:

    Wow does the Lair look homey and comfy and so professional and finished.

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