Saving the world from people who insist on living off-grid

Note to Self: Stop reading the comments.

Of course we are all going to die. We just aren’t going to allow ‘offgrid’ citizens to hasten the deaths of OTHER citizens.

Here’s an article about a topic near and dear to all off-gridders. It’s not new, but its intensity has taken a new spike since Obama got re-upped and doesn’t have to care about re-election. For quite some time our dear friends and masters at the Environmental Protection Agency have waged a quiet war against wood-burning stoves because particulates from wood smoke are a new hazard of modern society, and the only healthy alternative is to freeze in the dark in cramped urban warrens or something. It’s possible the linked article doesn’t actually say that.

But why should I be different in making shit up like all the many commenters? Seriously, judging strictly from the discussion below the fold this is a controversy utterly without sane people. Will everyone who wants to make an issue of chemtrails please stop being on my side? Please?

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6 Responses to Saving the world from people who insist on living off-grid

  1. Bear says:

    “…cramped urban warrens…”

    The word you’re looking for is “hive”.

    One might wonder why “Minea the Idiot” cares how “we are all going to die”. I figure he/she/it just wants everyone to die as miserably as her/him/it.

    Technically, this isn’t a ban on woodstoves anymore than the ’94 “AWB” was a ban on “assault weapons” [sic]. Still, it isn’t surprising, and an effective ban (think of the new rules on coal plants that are going to be shutting a lot of those down) is probably on the way. Not surprising from an organization that hasn’t figured out that CO2 is a necessity for life.

    Funny though… particulate emissions are lethal when we do it, but just harmless fun when the EPA wants to run unapproved human testing at levels above what they claim is lethal.

    Over at even mentioning “chemtrails”* (exceptions made for obvious sarcasm if appropriate emoticons are included) will get your comment deleted by the mods. If it’s a problem here, you could consider that policy. [grin]

    (* “Iron sun” disappears even faster, accompanied by mod screams.)

  2. Robert says:

    Sorry, I had to look. A wee bit of um, breathless citizen journalism there, such as “US Hours Away from Grid Down Drill!” like a drill is a bad thing. And dated today and elsewhere with a date in August, so it might have already happened. I didn’t notice anything unusual. Guess we survived the drill. Now, about the EPA kicking in my door and prying my woodstove out of my sooty, hot fingers… Geez. I would very much like to have solid info on my guvamint’s nefarious plans without the screaming paranoia and hyperbole. Yeah, I’m dreamin’.

  3. Robert says:


    “Iron sun”? Whazzaat? I’m afraid to google it as I won’t have access to my own pc for an extended time and I don’t want the thugs du jour kicking in my host’s door.

  4. Bear says:

    Robert, bearing in mind that I don’t buy the… the… -giggle- “theory” and can’t explain the fine details, the general idea is that the sun is really a big ball of iron heated to incandescence by interstellar electrical wiring. It’s a subset of “electric universe”. EU actually raises some valid points and does offer useful alternative explanations to some phenomena that don’t require undetected dark energy, dark matter, or missing neutrinos somehow turning into a series of inherently undetectable other neutrinos. Unfortunately EU does have a strong fringe element, and the fringes have a fringe of their own; and “iron sun” is way out there on the theadbare end of no-longer-rational thought.

  5. Titan Mk6B says:

    So, do we now have assault logs?

    Those comments were an interesting read.

  6. Craig Mauer says:

    Off the grid is giving a person’s life a nice living in a simple and self-sufficient way. Although all the people will die, but isn’t it great to have an experienced living like that? It is another kind of adventure living on earth while you are still alive here. But still, it depends on the person’s way of thinking and analyzing some situations regarding these topic.

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