So I can post again?

Yesterday’s solo post was supposed to only be a placeholder while I dealt with some photographs, but that’s not the way things worked out. In fact I could barely even post that screenshot, and I couldn’t download my photos from the majik elff boxx at all – In fact all day was pretty much a bandwidth-free period.

I woke yesterday to grey sky and a couple of inches of new snow…

So it wasn’t very cold at all – in fact I never lit the fire, just baked bread and waited for the oven and the sun to warm the cabin, which it gradually did.

But first I had a fairly abbreviated walkie to take care of chicken chores. Turns out their water wasn’t even completely frozen. I’m not a fan of winter – at all – but on such a morning there’s something charming about fields of new snow on which you get to make the very first tracks…

I had to go to D&L’s to do the noon feeding; looks like Thursday is going to be D’s regular doctor appointment for a while. Already being out in the Jeep, TB and I did an early afternoon chicken visit to get that out of the way. Aaand then I made a serious tactical error – The sun had come out and the afternoon warmed up nicely, almost into the forties. Since the yard spigot was running and the chicken water bottles were almost all empty, I filled them and then optimistically put them into the Jeep for the morning…

Yeah. I have no idea what I was thinking. Clear sky means pleasant afternoon – actually yesterday the wind got a bit much but I take what I can get this time of year – and truly frigid nights. So now 2/3 of my chicken water is frozen absolutely solid and it may or may not thaw enough to be useful by this afternoon’s chicken chores. If I’d just driven them to the powershed yesterday everything would have been fine. That’s pretty much on me.

That oopsie aside, today has shaped up quite lovely. It’s not even eleven and already above freezing, so until the sun converts all this snow to mud and makes walking a huge trial I’m loving it and looking for things to work on outside.

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One Response to So I can post again?

  1. Mike says:

    Nice photos. Personally, I’m not a fan of snow. In my view, the word S N O W stands for Sh*t No One Wants. 🙂

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