So that’s what a portable computer does…

Last year Big Brother bought me a reconditioned MacBook Air. It is … I believe it’s the fourth laptop computer I’ve owned in the past fifteen years or so and the closest to a new one I’ve ever owned. Laptops are handy for cramped spaces and they’re less power-intensive than desktops but the fact that none of my former laptops had functioning batteries never bothered me because I never took them anywhere. Why would I? I never go anywhere. At least nowhere that requires a computer.

But this morning my equipment left me high and dry when it tried to update the iPhone’s operating system just when the cabin’s cellular signal and Uncle Murphy played me a dirty trick. The phone failed to “synch,” whatever that means, and while the phone still seemed to work fine I could no longer use it to connect the Mac to the internet.

Every time I rebooted the Mac it tried to update the phone. And it failed every time. I was getting a little hot under the collar: If it were just a problem with the phone I’d stick the thing in my pocket and climb to the top of the ridge. But I can’t take my desk up th…(red face)…

I had to move a bunch of water bottles to the Big Chickenhouse sometime today anyway.

Any typos in this post should be attributed to the fact that I’m clumsily holding the ‘pooter on my lap in the Jeep’s driver seat. It’s working again.

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2 Responses to So that’s what a portable computer does…

  1. Mike says:

    Joel, it’s all part of life’s learning curve. I always had a desktop personal confuser until five or six years ago. After having the laptop for a year or two, I was sitting in my easy chair, laptop in my lap, when I said to my wife “It would be so nice to serf the web from the deck.” My lovely, and so much smarter than me, wife looked at me and after a few seconds said: “You do know that the laptop has a battery and can be unplugged, right?”

  2. Ben says:

    There is probably some obscure setting somewhere that would make your phone and laptop less emotionally involved with each other. Perhaps if you explained your issue on an Apple forum somewhere.

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