Nyet, Tovarich.

Yeah, I know “take on the NRA” is just worship-words for the rubes. Hell, you do too – you probably have drinks with your local NRA lobbyist after “work,” don’t you?

But forget the NRA. It’s the gunowners you have to worry about. As some other old fool said many years ago

“Banning” requires no physical action at all, and is quite simple to do. Even Clinton managed it. If you mean confiscation, well, there you’ve got a problem.

Have you noticed, Bernie, that every time one of your comrades makes a play to take the guns away, AR sales go up? Do you think those people are buying those guns so they’ll have something expensive to turn in when you send the goons around to collect’em? Really?

Picture this, now, Bernie – people who have trouble just keeping a roof over their heads suddenly get a hard-on for a spendy black rifle every time you or Barry or Nancy wave the red shirt and declare you’re gonna ban’em: Why is that, do you think?

This isn’t frickin’ New Zealand, Bernie. This is America. We’re descended from bootleggers, smugglers and gun-toting traitors, and before you got hold of the college campuses we wrote songs about it. Not everybody here went to college, Bernie, and not everybody who goes to college buys the bullshit. Do you really think this is going to end well?

Hell, who am I trying to kid? You’re a commie – after all the blood-soaked history of world communism you’re still a commie. You probably do think this will end well.

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2 Responses to Nyet, Tovarich.

  1. Malatrope says:

    Preach it! You’re right, of course.

  2. KurtP says:

    Actually- in the news that nobody heard was that as soon as they announced that ban- there was a run on gun shops for ARs.

    I wish I’d have bookmarked that link.

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